Prayerful Thoughts – We thank Dr. Tony Holohan

Published on July 4, 2020

Prayerful Thoughts: We thank Dr. Tony Holohan for his warm and steady calming influence during the present pandemic. As he takes time with his family we assure him and them of our good wishes and prayerful support.

Dear Dr Tony Holohan,
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your incredible work during this most terrifying pandemic.
All of us felt we were in safe hands with you at the helm.
We relied so much on your guidance as we go through the strangest and scariest of months due to Covid-19.
Just as you have supported the people of Ireland in the past few months, you have the full support of every citizen in this country as you face the toughest of times in your personal life.
We will continue to follow the advice you have given to us as we keep you, your beloved wife and your children in our thoughts and prayers