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 Searching in Co Clare

The Clare Roots Society was formed in April 2006 as an amateur familybhistory, genealogy and heritage group in County Clare. The Society meets once a month in Ennis, and now has well over 100 members. Anyone with an interest in tracing their family tree is welcome to join. Some members are experienced genealogists while others are novices in the field. In addition to local members, we have some ‘virtual’ members who live overseas but who follow our genealogy activities via email, and dream that they are in County Clare. The society works in partnership with Clare County Library in order to add to the wonderful fund of genealogy information already available on  its website
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Searching in Ireland

Irish Archives Resource contains information about archival collections open for public research in Ireland. Its purpose is to aid researchers in finding collections relevant to their studies.

Learn About Archives in Ireland: a practical information service on archival material and archives in Ireland.

Placenames database of Ireland

The Irish Archives: an internet based family history research tool with links to a cross section of sources.

The Irish Family History Foundation provides a gateway to Irish ancestry, roots, genealogy and family history from anywhere in Ireland.