Gravestone Inscriptions

Another opportunity to trace family history is the inspection of family gravestones. While some are easy to read, others have weathered poorly.

Local volunteers have provided a great service in recent years, in the work of reading, collecting data about and, in cases, photographing gravestones in Ennis and Clarecastle.  Clare County Library kindly hosts much of this work so it is accessible to the general public.

The graveyard inscriptions for Old Clarehill Graveyard, Clarecastle, were recorded by members of the Clare Roots Society. They are available HERE on available on the website of Clare Library (Old Clarehill Graveyard Headstone Transcriptions. 1743 to 2007, Clareabbey Parish)

Clarehill Graveyard (2) is an extension of Old Clarehill Graveyard, located beside it. A third, newer graveyard, is situated c. 1km SW of these graveyards. Graveyard inscriptions from 1942 – 2012 are available HERE

Clarehill Graveyard (3) is a new Graveyard in Clarecastle village. Inscriptions from 1977 – 2011 are available HERE