Webcam ~ Clarecastle Church

Published on March 26, 2020

In these very challenging and difficult times we continue to wish one another well, and to reach out to each other through prayer, social media and communication with family, friends. Let us in these days be aware of our need as human beings to have contact with one another.

In this regard and in an effort by our parish community to keep in contact, the Pastoral Council has decided to install a WEBCAM in Clarecastle Church.

One of the main effects of the virus and public health situation is that Churches are closed to the faithful for religious services, due to the need of physical distancing in the fight against the spreading of the disease.  The webcam will enable people in our parish and indeed anywhere else in the world to tune into Mass and other religious services as they are being celebrated live from our local church.  This will enable people to be part of these celebrations from their own home.  It will also allow for the providing of information to people that may be helpful during this time, and it will enable, most of all the community to gather in prayer as a community. We thank the Pastoral council for making this decision to enable us keep contact as a parish community.

We thank all who have supported the venture in any way and we hope it will enrich your lives.

Mass will also continue to be broadcast on the parish radio link, as normal and there is no change in that arrangement. We are grateful that our Church remains open for a period each day which allows people to come and pray.  We ask people to respect physical distancing in the Church, people are asked to stay at least 2 meters which is about 7 feet apart.

To tune into the live streaming of religious services from the Church, go to the parish website and click on the button webcam and you will be able to view the service on your phone, ipad, computer or smart T.V.

In there difficult thanks to all who keep the services of the parish going. To the parish secretary and the office staff who keep the communication going. to the members of the Pastoral Council for all their work and encouragement. To you the parishioners and our friends who support us in so many ways. by encouragement, financial contributions, and attending our service we say Míle Buíochas.  Finally it has been possible to keep the Church open each weekday 11am – 5pm and Sunday 1pm – 6pm so far.  This is due to the great efforts  of a small number of people who come each evening and clean down the Church with the appropriate materials to keep it as safe as possible for those who come during the day.  Our deep gratitude goes to you for your kindness and efforts.

When visiting the Church please follow the guidelines for physical distancing.  In the meantime stay safe and well and Wash Your Hands.

Our Lady Queen of Ireland……… Pray for us