Listen with your Heart

Published on August 19, 2022

“We can’t always trust what we hear with our ears but we can always trust what we hear with our heart”

The Songhai are an ethnic group from western Africa.  A missionary was translating the Bible into Songhai.  Unable to find a word for ‘to believe’, he asked a native how to translate it.  The native thought for a second and said, “it means to hear with the heart”.  What a lovely translation.  it’s another way of saying that God speaks in a gentle voice.  We live in a noisy world so much so that we are uncomfortable when we have silence.  In such a noisy world it can sometimes be difficult to hear each other speak, not to mind hearing God!  The invitation each day is to trust our inner voice and to trust that inner quiet voice of God who always wants to lead us in the right direction.