Feast of St Padre Pio Friday Sept 23rd

Published on September 20, 2022


The Elephant Rope (Belief)- Inspirational Short Story

One day a man walked past a camp of elephants. Looking closer, he was surprised to see that these mighty animals weren’t held in cages or kept in chains. The only thing stopping them from escaping? A thin rope tied from one of their legs to a simple pole in the ground. Confused, as to why they didn’t use their strength to break the rope, he asked the trainer why they weren’t attempting to run away. To this the trainer replied, “As baby elephants, we use the same system. But, at that age, the rope is strong enough to stop them from escaping. They grow up like this, believing they can never break the rope, so even as adults they stay put.” In other words, these powerful, magnificent and intelligent elephants didn’t believe they could free themselves, so they never tried. Our personal beliefs are powerful beyond measure and often dictate our outcomes. They can work for or against us. Identify your limiting beliefs so you can push against them.

As we journey in life, often of our greatest struggle, is to find ourselves in the present moment. How many of us are burdened and carry too much heavy baggage, because of past events and unresolved issues. How many of us may be overwhelmed and full of worry or anxiety, regarding what may happen down the road. In fact, very few are blessed with the freedom and contentment to live in the present moment. When I am present in the now, I am not consumed by what happened yesterday or fearful regarding what may occur tomorrow. The great St. Padre Pio, had a powerful spirituality regarding living in the present moment. Towards the end of his life, a life, that contained a huge amount of personal suffering, he made a profound prayer of serenity, rejoicing in his liberation, for being blessed just to live in the present moment. His prayer is a gift for all of us as we walk our daily pathway. The best pathway, proven by the wisdom of the elders, is one that takes one step, one moment at a time. Saint Padre Pio said, “My past life I give to your mercy, O Lord, whatever may happen tomorrow, I hand into your providence, Today, let me live in your love”.