Easter Message 2020

Published on April 11, 2020

Easter Message: Easter 2020 will be an Easter that will always be remembered by people who lived through that time. There is self-isolation, cocooning, physical distancing, restricted visits out of doors, all in the public interest and in the interests of public health. Abiding by these restrictions is how we can best exercise our Christian and human duty to one another at this time. The Easter Ceremonies which are always a highlight of the Churchs liturgical year will be celebrated very differently too this year. No congregations in churches, church doors closed, celebrant on his own. Nevertheless the powerful influence of prayer in our lives and our world are equally present and in some ways maybe more deeply felt than in other years. The awareness that as a family of Christians we are gathered around the liturgical table to continue our prayer in “Memory of Him”, Jesus Christ and Lord and Saviour. Through various modern media methods many of you join us in prayer and that prayer is so powerfully moving, uniting and consoling. We in Clarecastle Ballyea Parish welcome you who join us through the parish radio link or on the web. Knowing that we are connected in prayer enriches our liturgy and enables us to realise that the Christian faith is a community based organisation and when that community gathers in prayer, a powerful force for good is unleashed. This year we miss our singing, readers, Eucharistic ministers, servers, sacristans, basket collectors, money counters and all who give of their time and energy to the church here in our community. It would have been lovely to have you with us, but in the interest of public safety it is best that we suspend your participation this year. We want you all well to be here with us next year, D.V. and in the immediate time after the public health embargo is lifted. To you all, and to all who make our parish what it is, we say a million thanks. May the risen Christ give you comfort, hope, confidence and support at this time, and may the generous blessings of God be upon us all. Happy Easter.