Clarecastle Tidy Towns

Published on May 8, 2024


Clarecastle Tidy Towns submitted the Clarecastle report for this year’s competition earlier this week with projects from a wide range of Community Groups so our thanks to all who forwarded their projects.

Adjudication traditionally starts anytime from June weekend to end of July so we have no idea when the adjudicator will visit Clarecastle so it is all hands on deck to get Clarecastle looking its best over the next few weeks.

Over the last 12 months Clarecastle Tidy Towns and many other groups ,organisations and individuals have put in a major effort to improve the overall tidiness and presentation of Clarecastle this is keeping with the primary focus of TidyTowns “to encourage communities to improve their local environment and make their area a better place to live, work and visit”

We would ask all to review last years  report  and if possible take on board those observations  as we prepare for  this year’s competition

We need to focus on Tidiness & Litter in particular for the next few weeks . Clarecastle Tidy Towns have  a policy of not using Herbicides   and we  can only encourage  others to adopt a similar policy . Evidence of weedkiller  will have a negative effect on our marks.  However it means a lot more effort  as Tidiness also involves weed control at kerbs and walls  and you may have seen our volunteers doing a lot of work in this regards over the past two weeks but our task could be made easier if property owners or residents just ensured that their own  road frontage was weed free.

Clarecastle were awarded a bronze medal last year the first national medal we have received in the SupervalueTidy Towns Competition with a lot of help we hope to retain and improve on last years results