Churches Reopening

Published on June 26, 2020

Churches Reopening: Churches will be open for mass Monday-Friday this week at 10am. Those attending are asked to please sit in the designated seats, socially distant. The capacity for attendance presently is 50 people, set by government regulation. The door will be open at 9.45am. After mass the church will be restricted for private prayer and visitation to the side aisle as at present (Clarecastle open until 4pm, Ballyea until 5pm). Access to the other areas of the church will not available. We would appreciate the assistance of any person who is willing to help in the cleaning down of the seat after mass or again after the church closes in the evening.
Weekend Masses will recommence July 4th. Masses will be at the usual times: Saturday: Clarecastle 7pm, Sunday: Clarecastle 9am & 12noon & Ballyea 10.30am,. The numbers are restricted in churches for masses according to government regulations. We ask all people who attend, to abide by the instructions of the stewards and to be seated where the seats are assigned. At the time of this newsletter going to print, the number who can attend mass and religious services is 50 people. This may change as time moves along and we will adapt to these regulations.
1. During this Covid-19 crisis, the obligation to attend Sunday mass has been dispensed. People are under no obligation to attend mass.
2. People can attend mass during the week rather than at the weekends.
3. Masses can be attended by listening on the parish radio or on the webcam from home.
4. Alternatively, people can park in the car park and listen on the parish radio link or view on the webcam. They can come forward for communion at the end of mass.
5. Each person has personal responsibility for their own welfare. Each of us need to sanitise personally, and ensure we observe all the guidelines for personal safety.