Bereavement Group

Published on December 12, 2023

As we approach the joyous season of Christmas, we are mindful that for some among us, this time may be marked by a deep sense of loss and sorrow. Grief has a way of magnifying the void left by the absence of loved ones, and the Christmas season can intensify these emotions. It is important for us all to recognise and support those who are grieving. Let us be a source of strength and compassion for one another during this season. If you would like to know more and tips how to cope, log onto and search bereaved at Christmas

Thank you to all who came to our special Bereavement Masses in November, for all those lost in the previous year.  Thank you to Fr Pat and Fr Harry for making it so exceptional for all.  Our deepest gratitude to the extraordinary members of our choir who lent their voices to create a truly moving and comforting atmosphere during our recent Bereavement Mass.