Parish Collections

To aid parishioners planning their financial support for the parish, we have rearranged all extra collections for the third Sunday of the Month.  Parish accounts are audited annually and available in the parish church porch.

Clarecastle/Ballyea 2016:  Weekly envelopes plus Monthly Collections as outlined below


Date                                        Description

17th  Jan                                Bishops Conference & Commissions

7th Feb                                   Clerks Collection

20th March                            Priests Collection

17th April                              Education Fund

15th May                               Killaloe Lourdes Invalid Fund

5th June                                Peter’s Pence & Diocesan Needs

19th June                             Clerks Collection

17th July                               Priests Collection

21st August                          Killaloe Priests Benevolent Fund

18th September                   Priests Collection

16th October                        Mission Sunday

2nd November                     Masses for Holy Souls

2oth November                    Clerks Collection

18th December                    Priests Collection

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