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Weekday Morning Mass

Morning Mass is celebrated in Clarecastle Church at 10am  each weekday morning Monday – Friday. 

On mornings where there is a funeral the following arrangement will be in place:  There will be NO 10am Mass on mornings where there is a funeral, except on occasions that an anniversary Mass has been previously arranged. 

We Thank You for your co-operation in this matter.

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Clarehill Graveyards

Respecting The Dead  Graveyards are very special and very sacred places.  They are places we lay our deceased loved ones to, as we put it “Rest in Peace”. They are places where we go to remember and connect with our loved ones who have gone from this life to God.  For these reasons they are places of special significance, holiness and indeed grace. Sadly lately some graves at Charehill have been interfered with. Flowers, plants etc. that had

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The Clarecastle Men’s Shed has provided a Defibrillator for use in our community. 

Defibrillators have been instrumental in saving many lives worldwide, in cases of cardiac arrest. 

The unit has been erected on a wall adjacent to the entrance to Centra in the village and is accessible at all times.  Training in the use of the Defibrillator for Men’s Shed members and the general public will be provided in the near future. 

Everyone is asked to familiarise themselves with the

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New Volunteer Ministries in the Killaloe Diocese

The Diocese of Killaloe is developing openings for two new lay volunteer ministries in the Diocese.

Training programmes for the Ministry of Catechist and the Ministry of Pastoral Care will begin in the Autumn.

These new ministries, open to women and men, will be of interest to those already involved or those wishing to be more involved in the life of their local Church community. They will involve lay people working side by side with priests in key ministries in