Celebrating 30 years since the Renovation of SS Peter and Paul Church Clarecastle

The celebration held on Saturday, July 9th recognized the tremendous effort of the parish in renovating SS Peter and Paul Church Clarecastle 30 years ago.  It too skills, hard work, time, money and most of all community spirit to give us the church we see today.

The evening’s celebration was also a recognition of the volunteerism that has remained at the core of our community throughout the years of its existence and that is still very much evident today.  There are over fifty groups within our community that are run by volunteers.  These include groups that help in the effective running of the church and organisations that provide services to the vulnerable in our society, the elderly, the sick, the bereaved, the lonely and the disadvantaged.  There are organisations that provide leisure and sporting activities for children and adults alike where friendships can be nurtured, confidence gained and goals in life attained.  Other groups keep our village looking its best, keep it safe for all who live in it and make it a village to be proud of.

We celebrate this spirit of volunteerism that is so alive in the Clarecastle of today and thank everyone for the part they play in our community.

Click here for pictures from 1986.