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Clarehill Graveyards

Respecting The Dead  Graveyards are very special and very sacred places.  They are places we lay our deceased loved ones to, as we put it “Rest in Peace”. They are places where we go to remember and connect with our loved ones who have gone from this life to God.  For these reasons they are places of special significance, holiness and indeed grace. Sadly lately some graves at Charehill have been interfered with. Flowers, plants etc. that had been placed on the graves by family have been removed.  These actions have caused huge hurt, pain and re-opened deep feelings of grief for the families whose graves have been interfered with.  These actions are deeply painful and traumatising for people.  Let us all be vigilant in our efforts to discover what is happening in our parish graveyard, and in our determination to stamp it out. 

We respectfully appeal to those involved in this appalling behaviour to STOP.