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Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

We have set up a new Support Group for the Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

It is an over 18 year old group for both Male and Female Survivors. It is called Stop The Secrets. It is run in the Newmarket on Fergus area every Friday Morning.

We are not a counselling service but we do incorporate a talk therapy which is facilitated. If requested we can run separate groups for females and for the males, for the talk therapy morning session. This allows for both genders to feel they can talk openly within their own group.

We have a different programme every Friday Morning from 10am till 11.30am tea and a scone afterwards. It is facilitated each week with a different technique and approach in the caring of your mental well being and health. We take in mindfulness demos, the bar technique approach, yoga demos and talks, art demos, nutrition talks, dance and so much more.

Contact Monday to Friday 9.30am- 4.30pm 085 140 4005 for further details.