2017 Tidy Towns

Clarecastle Tidy Towns  will  again take part in the annual An Taisce  National Spring Clean  and this year we have  gone for first two weeks in April for the Clarecastle Spring Clean

The Elimination of  Litter  from Clarecastle   is one of the prime Goals Of Clarecastle  Tidy Towns   and we really appreciate the fantastic support that we receive each year  for the Annual  Spring Clean  and also the regular Litter patrols during the year

The objectives of the National Spring Clean are to: 

•Encourage clean-ups throughout the whole month of April

•Galvanise the practices of recycling and re-use where possible

•Increase the number of Events and Participants

•Promote personal responsibility for litter

•Heighten awareness of litter and waste issue


Ideally   all groups should register under the  An Taisce   site and confirm that the Clean Up is part of  ClareCastle Tidy Towns   Clean Up

Groups can register via this link  http://www.nationalspringclean.org

By registering with An Taisce all groups receive  Materials  especially

  • Colour coded plastic bags for recyclable and non-recyclable waste.
  • Gloves to keep your hands safe and clean.

My thanks to the  groups that have already registered with An Taisce   – If  other groups  still want to register  and  the  scheduled delivery of the Materials may be later than  our Spring Clean Window  Just select a different week   – we just need to have the Clean up completed during  April.


The other Big advantage is that we get Colour Coded Plastic bags to segregate the Waste  which is so important and it also  ensures that only  Spring Clean waste is being brought to the  ”Community Bin”  beside the playground


Clarecastle Tidy towns will work with the County Council  in getting the waste taken from the Community Bin site  so all the groups have to do is get the Collected waste  to the  Community Bin site


If you are organising a local event please let  the Tidy Towns committe know the date Time and meeting point  so that we can update  the Spring Clean spreadsheet and publish it asap  - there is a copy currently in the Post office  and  drop in or give Gerry a call to get your area on the schedule


Ideally Clarecastle Tidy towns would like to see a clean  up in all the areas  listed & more if possible


If your group would like to receive a certificate acknowledging your hard work and efforts for this years spring clean event, please email a brief report (including pictures if you can) to  nsc@antaisce.org. and cc  Clarecastle Tidy towns  clarecastlett@gmail.com

Alternatively reports can be posted to National Spring Clean, 5a Swift’s Alley, Francis St. Dublin 8.  An Taisce claim that they will  will send you an An Taisce NSC Certificate to commemorate your successful event on receipt of your brief report


Clarecastle Tidy Towns are trying to quantify   the amount of litter / waste that is being collected  and  would like to   get a brief   summary of the amount & type of rubbish  collected   – This  summary of each patrol  should only take a couple of seconds  - I have attached  a  sample   survey form that can be used    & also a  sample of the Litter patrols  that Clareabbey Patrol did last year   for  Road between Roundabout &  entrance to Clareabbey


If we get  all patrols to record  the  amount of litter   we can then present that data  to Clare co Council to  seek extra CCTV or other measures  to stop the Litter & Fly Tipping that is happening so frequently in Clarecastle  - We also need to  quantify litter  collections & actual number of  Litter patrols  for our  Tidy towns application

Re reporting   Fly Tipping or Dumping 

Please  contact   Clare County Council, directly  on  Telephone: (065) 6821616

Email: info@clarecoco.ie     If reporting Fly Tipping  via email please CC  clarecastlett@gmail.com  there is a reference on the Council  Litter management  section of the Council’s website  http://www.clarecoco.ie/water-waste-environment/litter-management/  Re   A freephone “anti-litter hot line” number 1800 606 706 is operating  to facilitate reports of littering from the public


Finally Clarecastle Tidy towns  are Holding a Community meeting - National Tidy Towns Competition – not just about Flowers & Litter Control   on Monday 3rd April   8pm in the old School

We  would love to have as many Community Groups & residents  as possible at that meeting  to launch  Clarecastle 2018   which is a initiative  to get all the community involved in a major bid to start challenging for County honours by 2018